Kumbotso’s House of Representatives has been won by the NNPP in the Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal for Abuja has overturned the National and State House of Assembly Tribunal’s ruling on the Kumbotso Federal Constituency election in Kano.

Initial ruling removed Idris Kawu of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) from his seat in the Federal House of Representatives and pronounced All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate Mannir Babba Danagudi the victor.

The three-judge bench, led by Justice Tunji Oyebamuji, issued a ruling in which they said the lower court had made a mistake by putting the ruling on Idris Kawu’s certificate first despite his failure to submit it to INEC.

The Court of Appeals also found that the trial court’s use of subpoenaed testimony was an error.

In addition, the court ruled that Mannir Babba Danagudi’s attempt to have Idris Dankawu’s victory in the Kumbotso Federal Constituency election nullified was unsuccessful because he had not presented sufficient evidence, such as credible witnesses, to back up his claims.

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