Monarchy suspension: group criticizes Adeleke for not acting quickly enough on the implementation committee’s report

Ademola Adeleke, governor of Osun State, has come under fire for the state’s delay in releasing a report from a review committee on the 2022 suspension of a handful of monarchs. the pressure group Centre for Responsive Governance (CRG) made this comment.

Ayo Ologun, coordinator of the Civil Rights Group, says the governor’s Executive Order shows his government is driven by emotion rather than facts.

If the governor’s Executive Order had been based on expert opinion and followed the law, the matter would have been settled once and for all in the best interest of the affected municipalities months ago.

Adeleke has issued an Executive Order suspending more than 20 monarchs, including the Aree of Iree, Owa of Igbajo, Akirun of Igbajo, and Olupo of Oluponna, at his inauguration on November 27, 2022.

Adeleke also established a committee to examine the procedure behind their appointments; the results of this study would be published in a White Paper.

The report from the review committee was given to the state administration in March of 2023, but nothing was done with it.

The governor had previously stated that the findings of the review committee would be made public in October as part of his Ipade Imole public feedback campaign.

On Thursday, however, during a public forum, the governor announced that the report of the committee has been completed and will shortly be gazetted and made public.

Ologun argued that the delay was depriving the kings and queens involved of their right to fair treatment.

He added that the delay was not in the best interest of the local villages and towns.

“At the first Ipade Imole, the governor confirmed that the white paper was available, but he was unable to provide a clear timeframe for the matter to be handled.

So, “Why the long wait?” People living in urban areas do not benefit in any way from the court system dragging its feet. They are being treated unfairly by the governor.

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