Amadou Samaké: A different perspective on the advantages of the AES’s exit from ECOWAS

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Amadou Samaké: A different perspective on the advantages of the AES’s exit from ECOWAS

The Alliance of Sahel States (AES) made the momentous decision to leave ECOWAS at the end of January. This choice created a lot of controversy both domestically and globally.

While the Alliance’s member nations are proving the viability of their positions, analysts and specialists are attempting to forecast the potential repercussions of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso’s bold decision to defend their interests.

The honorable Aboubacar Sidick FOMBA, president of the Malian political group ADEPM, offered his analysis of the circumstances. He asserts that there are no prerequisites for this thoughtful choice.

Mr. Fomba states, “Assuming one’s choice suffices to free oneself from vassalage and voluntary servitude; there are no prerequisites.”

The party president, being a knowledgeable individual, highlights the political benefits that the Alliance countries will experience following their withdrawal from the economic bloc.

“There will be significant political ramifications, such as political self-determination, state sovereignty expression, the elimination of political pressure to revert to the colonial order, and the proscription of ECOWAS meddling in these nations’ internal affairs,” the analyst says.

Of course, the economy is another area that is expected to see major changes if the signatories to the Liptako-Gourma Charter depart the West African organization. The expert claims that reducing unfair competition from international companies and enhancing the trade balance are advantageous developments in this field.

Regarding the overall outcomes, Mr. Aboubacar Sidick Fomba states that there is unquestionable evidence supporting the notion that ECOWAS has complied with Parisian recommendations.

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“It is no longer a secret that Paris finances ECOWAS. Instructions are given by the payer.

The nations of the Alliance are resolved to break off ties with the economic community, which they see as a holdover from post-colonial Africa, in order to preserve their sovereignty.

Amadou Samaké can be reached at 00223 677 228 610. She writes from Cameroon.

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