Vandals demolish properties worth millions of naira, including the Kogi Government Radio

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Attacks on Radio Kogi’s Ochaja sub-station by individuals thought to be vandals resulted in the theft of valuables and the destruction of the organization’s property.

In a statement released on Tuesday in Lokoja, Patience Salawu, the public relations officer (PRO) for the state ministry of information and communications, stated that the attack took place on June 5’s Monday night.

In order to determine the extent of the damage, the Director-General of the Broadcasting Corporation, Ojo Oyila Ozovehe, and officials from the Information Ministry, led by the Commissioner, Mr. Kingsley Femi Fanwo, visited the station.

Salawu claims that in order to prevent a potential repeat, Governor Yahaya Bello has ordered security services to take action and make sure that the offenders are apprehended and prosecuted.

She added that the Divisional Police Station in Egume is working around the clock to identify and apprehend the offenders, and that security authorities were already receiving helpful intelligence to support their investigation.

She stated that the Ministry had voiced concern that the station wouldn’t be able to operate for the time being due to the extent of the damage, but added that the state government was working to get the station back on the air as soon as possible.

The PRO states that when conducting an inspection of the vandalized station, Ministry representatives acknowledged the host community’s traditional leader for his compassion for the regrettable situation.

Salawu claimed that the authorities urged localities with government infrastructure to safeguard the security of the infrastructure.

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