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Talk to transformer AI text generator

Technology has greatly advanced to the point where we can now chat with bots, enjoy AI Generated Stories from them, ask these bots technical and intelligent questions and in turn get typical replies immediately. That’s the beauty of High-Tech. Talk to Transformer also known as inferkit or inferkit app is an example of this amazing Al-Intelligence.

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However, most advanced bots can still not hold a reasonable level of decent and intelligent conversations, but we cannot denial the fact that AI systems are by the day getting better and better when it comes to generating written word. We already have a popular web app showing this improvement. This web app allows users to enter a text and get immediate response from the AI system automatically.

When you type in the first or second sentence in a news article, the AI system will finish it for you. You can ask the bot a question and get interesting responses. Be that as it may, your questions have to be in this format: “Q: Who is the best player in the world?” and of course, the AI system will generate an accurate answer for your question.

What is Talk To Transformer?

Talk to Transformer is a mind blowing online web application which was built by an Engineer of Canadian origin. The name of this Canadian Engineer is; Adam King, and he is the brain behind the website itself. But, the beautiful technology running the web app AI system is a product of a research lab, OpenAI. Back in 2019, OpenAI lunched its impressive and new AI language system which is known as GPT-2, and the technology behind Talk To Transformer is a light and easy to access version of the GPT-2.

In the past, this technology was only available to just a selected number of scientists and journalists. (The name transformer is literally pointing  to the kind of network used by GPT-2 and some other systems).

By making yourself familiar with Talk to Transformer you will get to properly understand how AI language generation and system works. The web app is extremely flexible and easy to navigate.

The AI system can identify the difference between news articles, recipes, HTML e.t.c Although, there could be lapses with this splendid AI system that generates stories and answers to random questions as we don’t expect an automated system to be 100% human or perfect, after all, humans are not perfect.

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How Talk To Transformer Works

Don’t get confused with the change of name, Talk To transformer.com is the same website as app.inferkit.com. So when you type in Talktotransformer.com into you browser, you will get redirected to app.inferkit.com. Once you arrive at the website, you will see a something similar to the one on the screenshot below signifying that you are on Talktotransformer Homepage.

The first thing you may want to test is the intelligence of this mind blowing AI-Technology. You can start by typing in either a question or a sentence and in less than 10seconds, the tool will give sound answers to you if what you typed in was a question or predict the remaining content using Natural Language Generation, Neutral Networks and GPT-2 if you typed in a sentence. One cannot help but marvel at the beauty of this technology capable of producing coherent and meaningful paragraphs from just a single sentence. To grasp a good understanding of how Inferkit Web Online App works, we need to first understand the meaning of GPT-2 and Neutral Networks.

1. Neutral Networks are simply algorithms which are designed to analyze multiple datasets in the same way the Human Mind does. Neutral Networks works with your input and analyzes the dataset versus the input and subsequently provides a correct solution with at least a reasonable degree of accuracy. Let’s just say the network is made-up of two to four layers of information, every single layer is filled with weights which are known as Layer Perceptron. This Layer Perceptron makes the Neutral Network useful and as a result, reduces its complexity.

2. GPT-2 is just a language processing code which was created by Open Al (like we had rightly stated already) which was co-founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk. It is important to note that GPT-2 is a higher version of GPT with about 10 times given data than GPT. This implies that GPT-2 can as result of its improved and better version predict more data than the GPT is capable of predicting. Secondly, the GPT-2 can give out more accurate results than GPT. Approximately, GPT-2 is capable of analyzing upto 1.5 billion parameters in about 8 billion datasets and as well, predict with a greater degree of accuracy the next words needed to create meaningful paragraphs or contents.

You can compare it to how Google works. First, it will have to understand the sentence you typed in, and then in a matter of seconds search through the corners of the internet and returns with the best results. The level of accuracy your results has will depend solely on probability and the how precise your sentence or question appears to be. The more precise and easy to understand queries you put into the tool, the more the increase in the accuracy of your results or answers.

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Analyzing Results from TalkToTransformer

1. What is Elon musk?

2. Who is Elon Musk?

Let’s say you want to get to know a few things about the business Tycoon, Elon musk, which of the above queries do you think is more precise? The answer is simple, the more precise query is number two, which is; who is Elon Musk?

For clarity purposes, look at the answers app.inferkit.com gave to the first query which is technically imprecise regarding the kind of information needed. Check the answers on the screenshot below;

You will notice that the answers are quite wired and do not give the the kind of useful information a researcher who is looking up a few things about Elon Musk needs

Results for the second query; who is Elon Musk?

Meanwhile, results to the second query is filled with a lot of use information about the American/South African business Tycoon, Elon musk, this is simply because the second query is precise.

Like we have already mentioned before now, Talk to transformer can answer questions as well. The brain behind the platform Adam King probably didn’t expect such capabilities from the GPT-2. Maybe miracles happened and the tool from the very inception has been giving go answers to questions asked by visiting users. Be that as it may, Talk to transformer is still surviving on the small and medium size versions of GPT-2, Open AI is yet to release larger versions of GPT-2 because according to reports, its results and capabilities could be dangerous for public use.

Talk to transformer web online app which is now know as app.inferkit.com is free in case you have not used or tried it out. Although, you have got to sign up with them by submitting the following;

1. Your email

2. You name

3. Preferred password

After that, you verify your email and start enjoying the web app for free on your smart devices.

Benefits of Using TalkToTransformer

1. Access to free Al-generated stories, poems and articles.

2. You can get detailed answers to intelligent questions on the Online Web App in just seconds of typing in your questions.

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3. Talk To Transformer has a user friendly website and this makes personal use of their platform rewarding, stress free and amazing.

4. The platform gives you useful information in a matter of seconds.

Alternatives of TalkToTransformer

1. Tensor fire

2 Illustrations

3. Neutral Network Generated

4. Write with artificially intelligence.

The good news is that inferkit app which is also known as Talk To Transformer is considered to be the best Al-generator of stories and articles at the moment.

So Log in to Talk To Transformer.com and enjoy the beauty of AI technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How do you talk to transformer?

It’s not difficult to utilize Talk to Transformer, all you need to do is visit their website and input you search queries on the site and the system will give you feedback matching your search query.

• What is Inferkit?

Inferkit is an online platform that provides web interface and API for Artificial Intelligence-based text generators. Even if you are just a young novelist surfing the internet for inspiring, or an amateur application developer, you can get ideas from Inferkit as a form of inspiration to begin your work. Just go to Inferkit, create and account and start up immediately.

• Can AI write Short stories ?

Of course, artificial intelligence can write mind blowing short stories. Just so you know, artificial intelligence  is acting powered by machine-learning algorithms that extracts approximately 4-7 billions of data from the world-wide-web, and these billions of data include story structure, story writing e.t.c. Base on commands and edict, artificial intelligence is capable of generating novels, short stories and even fiction.

• Is AI a threat to Writers?

We’ve seen intellectuals raise concerns about the possibility of AI taken over the Labour Market worldwide, and yes their concerns are valid. AI is not just a threat to writers, it is threat to all professions. Data analysis now show that approximately around 40-50% of all jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence before the next 20years elapses. Nobody will be spared, even professions like engineering, medicine e.t.c are also threatened by artificial intelligence.

• Is transformer better than LSTM?

Well, from analysis, talk to transformer has superior mechanism to LSTM and this mechanism is known as self-attention mechanism. As a result, Transformer from evaluations have proved to outperform the LSTM considering the results of their neutral machine translation tasks.

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