What is a Text Mail Subscriber? | Is Text Mail Subscription a Scam?

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What is a Text Mail Subscriber? | Is Text Mail Subscription a Scam?

You may have been trying to figure out what text mail subscription entails; who a text mail subscriber is, and what being a text mail subscriber means. Well, in this article, I will provide you with answers to your queries, questions and also give you tips on how you can tract a text mail subscriber. After going through this article and you have questions to ask, just drop them in the comment box and all your questions will be attended to.

What is a text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber refers to a person who ultimately prefers to read mails or e-mails sent to them as plain text instead of HTML. The reason behind this preference is to strengthen and increase privacy. It can also aid to stop web beacons from hacking or tracking emails when recipients click on them.

Text mail subscription has been in use for a very long time. Before now, you may have missed a call from an unknown number (either foreign or local) and when you tried to call back you got a message that reads; “The text mail subscriber is not available.” The reason why that text mail subscriber was unavailable when you called back is because text mail subscribers make calls directly from the internet, they don’t need mobile phones or SIM cards, so they use the internet in making calls and probably when you called, the internet has been discounated from their PC or device.

Is it possible to discover who called you using an email subscription service?

Yes, you can actually figure out who called you through a text mail subscription service. You can find this out by using the contact information in your email address, although, in cases where the phone line of the supposed subscriber was not listed in your email, it is a lot more better to ignore the subscriber as he/she maybe be trying to spam you or steal some of you useful information like your address, passwords, social security numbers e.t.c

It is imperative to take safe measures when dealing with text, calls and messages from unknown persons using unknown phone lines. Some of these unknown persons could be unscrupulous and callous individuals looking for way to play with your intelligence. So trade carefully while dealing with things like this.

Are text mail subscribers or text mail subscription service scammers?

Well, any platform can be used to scam anybody, even Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have records of users defrauding other users. So we cannot blame fraud on any platform or make it peculiar to users of any platform. There are definitely good people out there making use of text mail subscription services and yes there are honest and good text mail subscribes out there.

What is text mail subscriber voice mail?

Text mail subscriber voicemail is a service that enables users to read emails sent to them as plain text. This is because you can hardly reach a text mail subscriber when you call back. So, instead of trying to call back in futility you can use a text mail subscriber voicemail to reach the fellow by leaving a voicemail which will be generated as email in plain text and sent to the text mail subscriber.

Which texting applications owns the voice mail that says; “the text mail subscriber is unavailable”?

There are a lot of internet phone application services capable of getting you a temporary functional phone number which you can use in calling or texting anyone for free. Two examples of such applications are TextNow and Google Voice. For instance, Google voice application runs a very improved and advanced voicemail transcription service, the application is capable of a voicemail and then subsequently sends it to a recipient as plain text.

How to track a Text Mail Subscriber

You maybe wondering if it’s possible to track a Text Mail Subscriber. Well, you can track a Text Mail Subscriber, but whether your tracking will successful or not will depend on the service that provided the number belonging to the text mail subscriber. A good number of these text mail subscription service providers assign numbers to their users randomly and so this will make your tracking processes a bit complicated.

On the other hand, those text mail subscribers’ numbers you receive calls from are usually anonymous. Now, the question is what and what can you do to track the original users? I have taken time to write down few things you can do to track a text mail subscriber below.

1. Go to search engines and enter the text mail subscriber’s number that called you, then check if the number has any correlation with social media handles or platforms, online groups, forums e.t.c with names.

2. Text the number and appeal to the subscriber to tell you his or her Identity.

3. You can employ the services of mobile tracking applications that store thousands of phone lines in their database and through these applications you may be able to uncover the identity of the text mail Subscriber.

4. You can also decide to do an online reverse phone lookup: This approach will be effective in cases where the text mail subscriber must have used the number for public services, otherwise using this method will just be a waste of time and efforts.

5. Use the court: In cases where you desperately need to uncover the real identity of an anonymous text mail subscriber, you may need to obtain a court order and present to the text mail subscription service, so they can open up the identity of the subscriber.


Now, you must have understood who a text mail subscriber is and what it means to have a text mail subscription service. Text mail subscribers are not usually scammers. Even if you encounter a scammers using a text mail subscription service, you need not worry about how to track them as we have already treated that above.
If you have other unaddressed questions about text mail subscription services, we would like to to help you answer them once you present your questions using the comment box.
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