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15 Best Premium Link Generator | Free Premium Link Generator

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In this article, we are giving you a list of the best premium link generators you can use. It is imperative to note that some of these link generators are free, while others must be paid for. You can also have access to these link generators without any registration, or account creation of any kind.

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Before we enumerate the list of the best premium link generators at our disposal, we want to give you vivid explanations of what premium link generators mean, what they are used for, and how you can use them. So, patiently go through the article for all-around information on the uses of free premium link generators.

What is a premium link generator?

A premium link generator is an online portal or website which can be used in downloading files from premium file hosting websites on the web. These files can be installed or downloaded free of charge (FOC) with high-speed rate functions. Instances of these premium hosting websites include: Uploaded link generator, rapidgator link generator e.t.c

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A user of smartphones of any kind or PC can access these platforms for free using their smart devices. Free premium link generator websites give you free access to get premium files linked with paying a coin. Secondly, you don’t need to register on their platform fully to use their tools. You may also like to read 7 Mobile Apps to Earn $20/Hour Online on PayPal

What are leechers, or leacher sites?

Initially, premium link generators, its services, online portals or websites were called leecher, leech sites or leecher sites. However, some old school online gurus still prefer referring to premium link generators are leecher sites, yet the new or modernize name for these websites remains premium link generator/generators.

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They are also known as uploaded premium linkers. In other words, leechers is just another name for premium link generators.

Reasons to Use Free Premium Link Generators 

1. You may not have enough found to access paid premium link generators for all premium hosting sites. So, free premium link generators can be used to your advantage.

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2. Premium Link generator has a lot of interesting features which include good security level, enough storage capacity, and high speed. These and many more features are reasons premium link generators are considered useful.

3. Another valid reason to note is the efficiency that comes with using Premium Link Generators. Using these generators, you could get your files downloaded quickly and preserved to be used later.

Best Free Premium Link Generator

1. Dasan.co Premium Link Generator

Dasan.co is one of the best Premium Link Generators that give cheap access to online users. You can generate a lot of Premium Link from the file host and also download the file in a matter of minutes.

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There are popular premium file-hosting sites supported by Dassan and they are upstore.net, filejoker.net, novafile.com, fileboom.me e.t.c. You can have one-month full access to Dasan.co for as cheap as $2.99 and that’s like door weeks or thirty days of usage.

How to Use Dasan Premium Link Generator

Step 1. Visit Dansa’s official website and register. Click here to visit.

Step 2. You can now purchase any plan of your choice, the lowest goes for $2.99.

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Step 3. Now, you can paste the link you’ve already copied into the available box. Immediately the link is generated, you can start your download.

2. HyperDebrid Link Generator {Free Access}

Unlike the first link generator we mentioned, HyperDebrid Link generator is free for all internet users. And secondly, the website doesn’t need you to register as a user on their online portal before you can use the tool and enjoy access to their numerous features. 

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It has a Platform supporting over 34 hosting websites which you can utilize for premium link generating without having to deal with technical issues or errors of any kind. HyperDebrid link generator also has lots of unique user-friendly features. Below are the steps you can take to use this free link generator.

How to Use HyperDebrid Free Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit the official website of HyperDebrid – Click here to visit.

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Step 2: Now, copy the link you want to download, go to the website (HyperDebrid official website) and you will find a box. Paste your link in the box and click on the generate button.

Step 3: You would have to wait for at least 15–seconds and your link will be available.

NB: It is important to note that there are many ads on HyperDebrid. This is because it is a free tool and that’s how the site owners earn from the site. Your duty is to paste your link, click on Generate, bypass the ads and get your results.

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3. Deepbrid Premium Link Generator { Free Access}

From reviews and reports available to AdaptsNews, Deepbrid is currently considered the best premium link generator on the internet. The reason for this is simple, Deepbrid grants you a free gateway to download more than five files, and you are allowed to use up to 1.2GB for each file. You don’t even need to register on the website to use the platform. Users of Deepbrid are always granted quick and precise links for free download.

How to Use Deepbrid Free Premium Link Generator

Step 1:  Go to the online portal of Deepbrid – Click here to visit.

Step 2: Search for the download button on the website and click on it.

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Step 3: Then copy and paste the premium file link hosting website link you intend to download into the provided box.

Note: No password is needed to use this tool. Just in case you see any password request, don’t pay attention to the request. In other words, ignore it.

Step 4: Finally, tap Generate, wait for some seconds and you are free to download.

4. CocoLeech Rapidgator Link Generator

When you talk of quality premium link generators, CocoLeech readily comes to mind. If you have for any reason used CocoLeech link generator in the past, you will agree with me that it is one of the best available to users.

CocoLeech allows users the privilege of downloading up to 10 files without having to pay a cent. Apparently, just like many free premium generators, you can use CocoLeech without registering as a user on the company’s official website.

The platform is user-friendly and has a great graphic interface, and this promotes easy to use and navigation of the platform. This means. That you don’t need any tutorials to identify the functions and tools on the portal before you can use them. Below are the steps you can take to use CocoLeech link generator to download files.

How to Use CocoLeech Link Generator to Download Files

Step 1: Visit the CocoLeech link generator website – click here to visit.

Step 2: You will see an empty box on the website, copy and paste your link there.

Step 3: After pasting your link in their box, click on Generate.

Step 4: The portal will immediately begin your link download. If it doesn’t begin immediately, wait for a few seconds and it will begin. You may also like to read 10 Secret Cheating Apps for Android in 2022

5. UploadedPremiumLink  {Free Access}

Uploaded Premium Link Generator is yet another free link generator on our list. It has interesting features like server usage, statistics, traffic, server limit e.t.c. The server limit on uploaded premium link generators shows users when the premium file hosts on the tools aren’t functioning properly, and these users can identify the fault of the system and know what to do next.

On the uploaded premium link, one can use as much as the 6GB server limit. The following includes the best premium file hosts you can download using UploadedPremiumLink: file factory, Mega, Uploaded.net, ifichier e.t.v. UploadedPremiumLink has a feature that shows you detailed information on any file you intend to download. Unfortunately there are too many advertisements on Uploaded. You just have to skip these adverts and get what you want.

How to Use UploadedPremiumLink Website

Step 1: Log in to the official website – Click here to visit

Step 2: On the homepage, check for the premium file hoster.

Step 3: once you are on the homepage, minimise, then go copy and paste your premium file hosting link.

Step 4: Now, tap on the generate button (NB: No password is needed. If password is requested, ignore).

Step 5:  Once you click on generate, your file will download automatically.

6. PremiumZen Link Generator

When you talk of an easy to use, or user-friendly tool, premiumZen easily comes to mind. The user interface of the company’s online portal is top-notch. On its official website, steps on how to use the tool are provided to ease the stress for new users.

The good news is that premiumzen link generators support a good number of quality file sharing sites and they are: uptobox, Turbobit, Rapidgator, uploaded and even the popular MediaFire.

How to Use PremiumZen Link Generator

Step 1: Visit the official website at PremiumZen.com

Step 2: Copy the file link you intend to download and paste it in the provided box.

Step 3: After pasting the link, tap on Generate.

Step 4: Immediately the download link is generated, download your file.

7. Hungry Leech Premium Link Generator {Free Access}

Even though the name begins with hungry, it doesn’t mean they are hungry. They provide one of the best services alongside other premium link generators. The reviews and positive testimonies about their company are great, and from all indications, all their customers are happy.

They support four major hosts: FileBoom, Depositfiles, Nitroflare, and Rapidgator. Unfortunately, HungryLeech doesn’t allow users to check server limits and previously uploaded files, yet they serve their users well and nobody is complaining. Below are steps you can take to use this premium link generator.

How to Use HungryLeech Link Generator

Step 1: Visit their online portal – Click here to visit.

Step 2: Now, paste the link you copied.

Step 3: Try passing the “I am not a robot” test presented to you on your screen by answering the question which involves ticking the box to identify objects.

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions of HungryLeech generator.

Step 5: Click on Generate premium link

Step 6: The premium link you requested will be generated. Next, you click the drop-down arrow and select the requested file.

Step 7: Once you click on the requested file, a new page will follow your request, tap on Leech it.

Step 8: After clicking on Leech, you will be redirected to a URL shortener which contains ads that goes on a 5 seconds countdown.

Step 9: In a matter of seconds, the download page will show up and you download your files without any issues.

8. Leech Ninja

From all indications and the information we have gathered about this particular premium link generator, it is clearly an improved version for Hungry Leech. However, users are free to make use of it as well. Leech Ninja happens to support a lot of hosts and they include keep2share, Nitroflare, Rapidgator e.t.c. Below are the steps you can take to utilize Leech Ninja

How to Use Leech Ninja Premium Link Generator

1. Visit their platform at Leech Ninja website.

2. Copy and paste your link in the provided box.

3. Follow other necessary procedures on their website and you can kick-start your download in a matter of seconds.

9. ReeVown Cloud Premium Link Generator

If you are an explorer and wouldn’t like to be stuck with a premium link generator, you can try out ReeVown Cloud Premium Link Generator. It is also a good premium link generator and has a lot of good features for interesting uses. Some of these features are UX/user-interface design and traffic display information. Users are also given analysis on the sum total of GB for each premium host.

On ReeVown Cloud Premium Link generator, you can use as large as 1GB free in one hour. This grants users unlimited access to download uploaded files. Using this tool is not difficult. Below are steps you can take to get the best out of this link generator.

How to Use ReeVown Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Go to ReeVown Cloud official website.

Step 2: On the homepage of their website, you will see a lot of information like: traffic, storage bandwidth e.t.c.

Step 3: Copy and Paste the file you want to download in the box available.

Step 4: Finally, click the download file to begin your download.

Step 5: ReeVown Cloud Premium Link Generator supports hosts like: share–online, Turbobit e.t.c

10.  NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator – {Free Access}

You can also add NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator to your list of useful and high quality link generators. This link generator also has a free package for those who may not have enough funds to pay for their services. NeoDebrid has a customer support system that gives typical replies in less than 24hours. So, you will have easy use of their services whenever you like.

How to Use NeoDebrid Free Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit the website – Click here to visit

Step 2: Copy and paste your link into the available box.

Step 3: Your download link will be generated immediately.

Step 4: Finally, you can begin your download using your Internet Download Manager (IDM).

11. AnyDebrid {Free Access}

AnyDebrid is another link generator that grants you free access to use its online portal. No registration of any kind is needed before you can utilize their services. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

How to Use AnyDebrid Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit AnyDebrid website

Step 2: Now, copy and paste your link into the provided box.

Step 3: After pasting your link, tap on generate.

Step 4: Your download link will be generated and you can now go ahead and download.

12. Big Speeds Premium Link Generator {also known as LinkSnappy}

Big Speeds is also a very useful premium link generator. Although the name of the brand has changed from Big Speeds to LinkSnappy because it was purchased by LinkSnappy, they still provide premium services to their users. This shows that a simple name change doesn’t mean a change in quality. LinkSnappy also offers numerous services which include online storage and download systems.

How to Use LinkSnappy Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Log on to their website

Step 2: Go copy and paste your link in the box provided.

Step 3: Wait for at least 30 seconds to have your link generated.

Step 4: Once your download link is generated, you can immediately begin your download.

13. LeechAll Premium Link Generator {Free Access}

On LeechAll, users are greeted with a very friendly user interface and this allows for ease in navigation on their platform. LeechAll is loved by users all over the world for a reason. It has robust premium free services for users while providing quality services as well.

LeechAll free access lets you download at least three files without any issues and having to register on their platform. You are allowed to enjoy downloading files with up to 10GB sizes per link. This means that you will get 30GB for free. Rapidgator, 1Fitcher, and Datafile are among the numerous supported hosts on LeechAll premium link generator.

Below are the numerous supported hosts on LeechAll.

• ddownload.com

• emload.com

• extmatrix.com

• file.al

• 1fichier.com

• 4shared.com

• dropapk.to

• dropmyfiles.com

• easybytez.com

• fastclick.to

• fastfile.cc

• icerbox.com

How to Use LeechAll Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit LeechAll official website.

Step 2: Copy and paste your link in the box provided.

Step 3: Avoid the ads on the website and pass the “I am not a robot test if any”.

Step 4: Click on generate and your file will be ready for download in a matter of seconds.

Step 5: When the file is ready, click on download and you are good to go.

14. HarBlaze Link Generator

If you are looking for a robust link generator platform that supports an appreciable number of file hosters, I believe HarBlaze link generator is perhaps the answer. HarBlaze supports a good number of file hosters and you will definitely be interested in one of them. Free users are allowed the advantage of using over 35GB per file hosting service.

Using the services of HarBlaze, you can download in bulk, check for active links and enjoy access to many other necessary services. They have an excellent customer care system and this adds to your advantage. HarBlaze supports the following hosting sites

• Filefactory

• Filer

• Filesflash

• Alfafile

• Mediafire

• Fichier

• YouTube

• Rapidgator

• Salefiles

• Share-onlile e.t.c.

Unlike most of the premium link generators we’ve talked about in this article, HarBlaze requires account registration/creation before you can use their full services. So let’s guide you through the stages of using HarBlaze link generator.

How to Use HarBlaze Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit the official website of the HarBlaze link generator

Step 2: You have got to register on their platform. To do that, submit your personal information accordingly, read and accept their terms and conditions, and then you submit the online form.

Step 3: Confirm your account registration using a link sent to your email.

Step 4: Log in to your HarBlaze account, Copy and paste your link into the box. 

Step 5: Wait for a little time and your file will be ready for download.

15. GeneratorLink Premium Link Generator {Free Access}

For those who don’t have money to use paid premium link generators, this is yet another free link generator for you. This one is clearly straight forward and doesn’t include registration or account creation. To learn how to use it, follow the steps below.

How to Use GeneratorLink Premium Link Generator

Step 1: Visit GeneratorLink official website.

Step 2: Copy the link you intend to convert and paste it into the box provided.

Step 3: Tick on the box at the corner of the website to accept their terms and conditions. 

Step 4: Click on that generate premium link button and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use a premium link generator?

The best way to use a premium link generator is to follow the procedures provided on the portal of the website. In this article, we have talked about the steps you can take to efficiently utilize your premium link generators. Just read through these steps carefully and you are good to go.

Is it possible to download your files at high internet speed?

Yes, it is very much possible to do that. However, it is important to note that it depends solely on the speed of the internet connection in your location.

What are the steps in generating a premium link?

A premium link generator is simply an internet-based service that connects an internet user to a file hosting service. When you link to a file, immediately, a new download is generated for you. As for the steps you must take in generating these premium links, they are all contained in this article to help you generate your premium links and download your files. Just go through the article and select any of the premium link generators you like.


If you intend to download a file and you come across a link to any of these link generators, do not hesitate to utilize them in downloading your files.

Everything you need to know about premium link generators have been talked about in this article. We are happy to have offered you the help and clarity you need.

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