As a result of the recent killings of farmers, Igboho has given the herders in the Southwest a week to leave

Sunday Igboho, an activist for the Yoruba people, has issued a seven-day ultimatum to the herders suspected of killing farmers in the Southwest.

But the freedom fighter promised that the area wouldn’t resort to lawlessness to deal with the herders.

While we believe in peaceful coexistence in Nigeria regardless of tribe, religion, and political cleavages, we are giving a seven-day ultimatum to herdsmen killing our people in any portion of the South West to quit our towns immediately,” says part of a statement released by Igboho.

This caution must be taken seriously. We will not violate any laws in order to force their departure.

For the time being, we have faith in President Bola Tinubu and the federal government’s ability to protect citizens’ lives and property, especially those of farmers in Nigeria.

Any action that has the potential to drive up the cost of food or other perishables must be met with zero tolerance.

There has been an upsurge in violence between herders and farmers, and we are calling to the governors of Oyo and Ogun State to send more security forces to all potential hotspots immediately.

To engage in modest or large-scale farming operations necessary for significant food production, Nigerians and our farmers in agrarian communities require a greater security presence presently. For the sake of everyone, this murdering must end now.

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