The executive council of Benue has given the go-ahead for two bridges to be built in Makurdi

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The capital of Benue State, Makurdi, will soon have two new overhead bridges thanks to approval from the state government.

While updating journalists at the government house on the resolutions reached, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Sir Tersoo Kula, said that the consent had been provided by the State Executive Council, SEC.

According to Kula, the State Ministry of Works, Housing and Urban Development has already been instructed to establish procedures for the procurement of contracts for the two bridges that will be built at the Wurukum and High-Level Roundabouts in the capital of the state.

Hé also announced that the Benue Public Service Institute (BPSI) will soon be up and running. This institute will be responsible for providing civil servants with the training and re-training they need to work at their best.

According to Kula, the Benue State Staff Development Center was originally established to train a specific group of civil servants from local governments, not state civil servants. He went on to say that most civil servants have been untrained for more than 30 years, which is why the Institute was needed. The Institute will also oversee the State Civil Service Promotion Examinations.

In addition, Kula disclosed that the SEC had given its blessing to the reorganization of seven ministries to bring them in line with federal resources so that the state could swiftly implement President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

Each of the three senatorial districts will have its own major rural road constructed, according to the SEC’s approval.

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Nevertheless, due to the ongoing road construction in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State, it would be excused.

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